Pawan Kalyan: Voted for a liar in 2019

Pawan Kalyan: Voted for a liar in 2019

Pawan Kalyan: Pawan Kalyan made sensational remarks against the YSP government at the JanaSena Formation Day held in Machilipatnam. They criticized that they are losing a lot by voting for a liar. Hearing her words, not only women but also young people were outraged.

Knowing that the prohibition of alcohol is not possible…

He said the YCP government had promised to ban alcohol as part of its election promises and had trampled on it. Although they know that it is not possible, they have given false assurances and have said that they are beautiful. She explained that women who believed her words suffered more. He said that a person like Anna Hazare has shown a complete ban on alcohol and that Jagan has failed to create such an environment here. He criticized that if they suggest producing alcohol that does not damage the liver, they are playing with people’s lives by selling adulterated alcohol.

Ganja changed to Andhra Pradesh

Pawan Kalyan expressed his sorrow that the state has become ganja Andhra Pradesh. He said that if ganja is caught in the country, half will belong to Andhra. The young man is said to be getting drunk on marijuana. He said that they are committing murder and rape under the influence of ganja. He questioned whether that society is what we want.

change must come

Pawan Kalyan has expressed his desire for change. They said they voted for a fake party in the last election and that they should decide what the next government should be. He asked them to think far-sighted and support the Janasena in the upcoming elections. He said that he would also prepare to go alone if necessary. He said it will hit the public soon.

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